Don’t Be a Cretan

Recently I was quite struck by the words of Paul about the Cretans in Titus 1:12. What a shocking stereotype! I thought about how that would be received in Kenya where I live and minister. There are more than forty tribes in Kenya and each on has it’s own stereotype associated with it. Of course […]


Kenya The Next Battle Ground for Gay Rights and Why the Church Needs to Hear Its Own Message

An article caught my attention recently. Published on Christian Post, it mentioned Kenya, which is where I live and minister. They reported that ‘Kenya churches are speaking out against western criticism of anti-gay laws and attitudes in African countries, with some comparing homosexuality to colonialism and slavery’. What are we to make of this? Click the link to read more…

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Your Bible Reading Plan – Answer Your One Big Question in 2014

Every year People resolve to read the Bible more regularly and they start looking for Bible reading plans to get them through the process. The trouble is that we often fail to read intentionally. You could study the Bible book by book as I suggest in my article ‘5 Reasons To Ditch Your Bible Reading Plan & Study Book By Book’ but in this article I want to suggest that you answer your one big question.

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God’s Gifts of Grace

The grace of God has been quite prominent in my thinking this month. I am painfully aware of how much I need God’s grace in everything that I am doing and how undeserving I am of the task to which He has called me. This month I’m also reading a lot of Charles Spurgeon. I’m no […]

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